An interactive internet-based package for undergraduate ophthalmological content

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Aim: To present the utilization of a highly interactive,
internet-based, package for ophthalmological content.
Summary of work: The clinical ophthalmology rotation
in Malmö is a 6 weeks on-campus period integrated
with ENT. Weekly interactive internet-based theory parts
include, (1) a PBL scenario (pathophysiology and basic
sciences), (2) a series of case presentations (management
principles), (3) learning objects for self-study, (4) lecture
presentations, and (5) a self test. Also included is a module
for fi nal assessment using MCQ/EMQ. All modules are
written in-house using Macromedia Flash. Interactivity
includes e.g. real time patient simulations of pupil
reactions, vision testing, visual symptoms, and anatomical
aspects of disease. Modules are available for each student
and teacher at any time and are easily accessed from the
medical faculty homepage.
Summary of results: Since the introduction in 1998
modules have continuously been added/modified.
Course evaluations strongly support the continued
use and development of these resources. Logging of
students’ on-line activities has been possible since
November 2005. The module as well as student activity
will be presented.
Conclusions: The development of this interactive
internet-based learning package
StatusPublished - 2006
EvenemangAMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe), 2006 - Genoa, Italien
Varaktighet: 2006 sep. 142006 sep. 18


KonferensAMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe), 2006

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