Anaesthesia for open wrist fracture surgery in adults/elderly

Irene Sellbrandt, Metha Brattwall, Margareta Warrén Stomberg, Pether Jildenstål, Jan G. Jakobsson

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Anaesthetic technique for open surgery of acute distal for arm fracture in adults/elderly is not well defined. Regional anaesthesia, general anaesthesia or a combined general and regional block may be considered. General anaesthetic technique, the timing and drug/drug combination for the regional block must also be considered. This is a study around published studies assessing anaesthtic technique for wrist surgery. A systematic database search was performed and papers describing the effect of anaesthetic techniques were included. We found sparse evidence for what anaesthetic technique is optimal for open wrist fracture repair. In total only six studies were found using our inclusion criteria, which all supported the short term, early recovery benefits of regional anaesthesia as part of multi-modal analgesia. More protracted outcomes and putting the type of block into context of quality of recovery and patients' satisfaction is lacking in the literature. The risk for a pain rebound when the block vanishes should also be acknowledged. Therefore, further high quality studies are warranted concerning the anaesthetic technique for this type of surgery.

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StatusPublished - 2017
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