Art and Science: A different convergence

Göran Plato, Bodil Jönsson

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In today's world, so much knowledge is developed through a steady stream of short research projects that longer ones are becoming more unusual. That is why we decided to pause and look back over the seven-year-long joint endeavor between The Pictorium and Certec. This was also seen as a short-term project from the beginning. What has sustained it over the years? The answer surprised even us: its staying power has arisen from its core, in the convergence of art and science.

Such a meeting is part of what our culture and society often advocate in comprehensive terms. Conscious efforts of a similar nature are at times carried out from within the worlds of art and science. But in this case the convergence was not at all part of the original intention, and we who have participated in the work have not actually considered it in those terms from within the project's framework. After so many year of not seeing what was staring us in the face, it is thus exciting to raise the question about what is holding it all together, what the linchpin can be. Is it perhaps so elementary and at the same time so exquisite that the questions of art, and the questions-and-answers of science have happened to find a meeting place, unusual though it might be.
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StatusPublished - 2001


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