Assessment of fluorescent protein candidates for multi-color flow cytometry analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Transcription factor-based biosensors represent promising tools in the construction and evaluation of efficient cell factories for the sustainable production of fuels, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They can notably be designed to follow the production of a target compound or to monitor key cellular properties, such as stress or starvation. In most cases, the biosensors are built with fluorescent protein (FP) genes as reporter genes because of the direct correlation between promoter activity and fluorescence level that can be measured using, for instance, flow cytometry or fluorometry. The expansion of available FPs offers the possibility of using several FPs - and biosensors – in parallel in one host, with simultaneous detection using multicolor flow cytometry. However, the technique is currently limited by the unavailability of combinations of FP whose genes can be successfully expressed in the host and whose fluorescence can be efficiently distinguished from each other.

In the present study, the broad collection of available FPs was explored and four different FPs were successfully expressed in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: yEGFP, mEGFP, CyOFP1opt and mBeRFPopt. After studying their fluorescence signals, population heterogeneity and possible interactions, we recommend two original combinations of FPs for bi-color flow cytometry: mEGFP together with either CyOFP1opt or mBeRFPopt, as well as the combination of all three FPs mEGFP, CyOFP1opt and mBeRFPopt for tri-color flow cytometry. These combinations will allow to perform different types of bi-color or possibly tri-color flow cytometry and FACS experiments with yeast, such as phenotype evaluation, screening or sorting, by single-laser excitation with a standard 488 nm blue laser.
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TidskriftBiotechnology Reports
StatusPublished - 2022

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  • Mikrobiologi


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