Att skriva sin stad - och bevaka världen. Runer Jonsson i Nybro Tidning

Claes Evenäs

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The purpose of this dissertation is the study of the journalism of Runer Jonsson (born 1916), as sole editor of Nybro Tidning, published by the printing house Johansson & Svenson AB. Although coming directly from industrial work, not quite 20 of age and not at all experienced in newspaper publishing Jonsson started his new career after for two years having showed his ability as a writer of local sport, short stories and poems in Kalmar-Kalmar Läns Tidning as well in Nybro Tidning. Jonsson got into his work very fast. The themes I focus on are how he, comparatively very early for Swedish press, energically attached great importance to the nar¬row, local matters and the defence of the interests of his town. Important tasks in his jour¬nalism became the standard of general education and raising his town in cultural senses and common good behavior. In this connection he also on a higher level discussed culture quality and criticized evening papers, gossip magazines and low class TV.

Jonsson paid positive attention on local news and kindly formulated personal short articles. As a very important subject he devoted himself to sport, both personally engaged in the clubs of his town and in large texts in the paper. He showed a notable freedom of respect to genre and not seldom mixed personal values even in news articles. In his chronicles he also took part in many types of actual debates and often sent his messages in humorous, satiric short prose and verse. As responsible for a very small local paper in of the smallest of towns in Sweden Jonsson immediately and very young payed a remarkable attention to the events on the international stage. He dealt with the Spanish Civil War (against Franco), the Finnish Winter War (against the Russians) and Germany and its leaders and role in the second World War. Jonsson appeared as a true democrate and boldly criticized nazism as well as commu¬¬nism as it functioned in practice. In the 50´s, 60´s and 70´s he through a progressiv, left-wing perspective dealt with nuclear weapons, capital punishment, colonialism and all similar sorts of repression, luxary consumption, space research and the third world problem and porno¬graphy. On the other side Jonsson with force supported the trading and other enterprises of his town with editorial commercials. Thanks to this he at the same time acquired paying adver tisers succesfully.

Jonsson was an urgent, plain writing journalist and therefore his paper contained few pictu¬res during its most splendid 30 first years. During this period he also raised the edition from 3000 to 3800 copies.

Johansson & Svenson AB was in 1966 sold to the bigger company Ljungdahls AB which for Runer Jonsson resulted in several changes for the worse, like less independence and a con¬siderable extra work with canvassing advertisments. A new sale of the paper part separa¬tely to Kalmar Läns Tidning in 1976 led to even more change for the worse. During the last five years of Jonsson´s employment. Nybro Tidning now became an edition of the Kalmar paper. Beside all journalism in Nybro Tidning and a lot of additional writing in other papers Jonsson was successful in bookwriting ? from lyrics, aphorismes, short satirics to books for younger people. During his editionship of Nybro Tidning he produced 30 books. And until today he has published more than 50. The most famous ones are about the peaceful viking Vickie Viking, which of translations are made into 20 languages.

And still in 2006 Runer Jonsson every 14th day publishes a chronicle in Nybro Tidning.
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