Audio Papers - a manifesto

Sanne Krogh Groth, Kristine Samson

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With this special issue of Seismograf we are happy to present a new format of articles: Audio Papers.

Audio papers resemble the regular essay or the academic text in that they deal with a certain topic of interest, but presented in the form of an audio production. The audio paper is an extension of the written paper through its specific use of media, a sonic awareness of aesthetics and materiality, and creative approach towards communication. The audio paper is a performative format working together with an affective and elaborate understanding of language. It is an experiment embracing intellectual arguments and creative work, papers and performances, written scholarship and sonic aesthetics.

For this special issue of Seismograf, the guidelines for authors and peer reviewers mainly focused on the format. Topic-wise we encouraged dealing with site-specificity and topics related to the island Amager, but other topics were welcomed as well. From our experience with the development of the concept, the workshops, the peer reviews and the editorial process, we suggest the following statements as a germinal manifesto for the audio paper.
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VolymAUGUST 2016
StatusPublished - 2016 aug. 30
EvenemangOut of Space?: Erratic, ephemeral & emerging cultural practices in illegal, illegitimate or intangible locations - University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Danmark
Varaktighet: 2017 juni 212017 juni 22

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