Autonomy, Capacity, and Vulnerability: Making Decisions on Social Services for Persons with Dementia in Sweden

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The issue of how to fulfil people’s needs and participation rights through deliberatively supported decision-making is a central issue in capacity law. In this chapter, I describe and discuss the inter-relationships between autonomy, capacity, and social services for persons with dementia in long-term home-based care in Sweden. Some of the points raised may apply equally to other groups with cognitive impairments; however, persons with dementia constitute the main focus for this chapter. The role of the State in Sweden for persons with cognitive impairments is characterised by extensive public support and an obligation for the municipalities to arrange for different kinds of services, including housing and home services according to personal needs. Further, access to services is generally individualised and arranged in accordance with the individual’s wishes and personal circumstances.
Titel på värdpublikationSupporting Legal Capacity in Socio-Legal Context
RedaktörerMary Donnelly, Rosie Harding, Ezgi Tasciouglu
FörlagHart Publishing Ltd
Antal sidor254
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781509940363
ISBN (tryckt)9781509940349
StatusPublished - 2022


NamnOñati International Series in Law and Society: Oñati International Series in Law and Society

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