Autosomal recessive Stickler syndrome associated with homozygous mutations in the COL9A2 gene

Ulrika Kjellström, Susanne Martell, Cecilia Brobeck, Sten Andréasson

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Background: Stickler syndrome is a hereditary disorder of collagen tissues causing ocular, auditory, orofacial, and joint manifestations. Ocular findings typically include vitreous degeneration, high myopia, retinal detachment, and cataract. Many subjects demonstrate sensorineural or conductive hearing loss. The inheritance is autosomal dominant with mutations in COL2A1, COL11A1, or COL11A2 or autosomal recessive due to mutations in COL9A1, COL9A2, or COL9A3. We describe a family with Stickler syndrome caused by homozygous loss-of-function mutations in COL9A2. Methods: Two brothers from a consanguineous family were examined with genetic testing, visual acuity, Goldmann perimetry, full-field and multifocal electroretinography (ffERG, mERG), optical coherence tomography (OCT), fundus autofluorescence (FAF), fundus photography, and pure-tone audiograms. Results: Both subjects were homozygous for the mutation c.1332del in COL9A2. Their parents were heterozygous for the same mutation. The boys demonstrated reduced visual acuity, vitreous changes and myopia. The proband was operated for retinal detachment and cataract in one eye. FfERG revealed reduced function of both rods and cones and mERG showed reduced macular function. No morphological macular changes were found by OCT or FAF. Both brothers have severe sensorineural hearing loss with down-sloping audiograms but only subtle midface hypoplasia and no, or mild joint problems. Conclusion: Only a few families with Stickler syndrome caused by COL9A2 mutations have been reported. We confirm previous descriptions with a severe ocular and auditory phenotype but mild orofacial and joint manifestations. Moreover, we demonstrate reduced macular and overall retinal function explaining the reduced visual acuity in patients with Stickler syndrome also without retinal complications.

Sidor (från-till)161-169
TidskriftOphthalmic Genetics
Tidigt onlinedatum2020 dec. 27
StatusPublished - 2021

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