Balancing Different Environmental Effects of Forest Residue Recovery in Sweden - A Stepwise Handling Procedure

Max Björkman, Pål Börjesson

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An increased use of forest fuels is important in the reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels and in attempting to mitigate climate change. However, an increased use will also result in an intensified forestry. Recovery of forest residues (logging residues and stumps) results in a higher pressure on the forest ecosystems and adds environmental effects to those already existing in conventional forestry of stem-wood harvest.

The purpose of this study is to use current research on forest residue recovery and its environmental effects and suggest an approach to how these potential positive and negative effects can be balanced. For this task suitable environmental system analysis tools are identified, as well as relevant environmental quality objectives that are
connected to the forestry operation.

The report suggests an environmental evaluation model in which environmental impact assessment is the fundamental part to balance local and regional effects, such as acidification, eutrophication and biodiversity. Life cycle assessment is integrated to consider global effects, such as greenhouse gas performance. Relevant environmental quality objectives are used as a measure where the compatibility between the recovery of forest residues and the development of the environmental objectives is assessed. The need for regional/local assessments is stressed as an important aspect regarding the applicability of the model, as well as improved preciseness of the environmental quality objectives utilised.
FörlagMiljö- och energisystem, LTH, Lunds universitet
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ISBN (tryckt)978-91-86961-10-7
StatusPublished - 2014


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