Blood treatment apparatus and method

Mattias Holmer (uppfinnare), Lennart Jönsson (uppfinnare), Anders Wallenborg (uppfinnare), Per Hansson (uppfinnare)

Forskningsoutput: Patent


A proposed blood treatment apparatus includes: a blood treatment unit (D), a pair of fluid pumps (PF1, PF2) and a pair of blood pumps (PB1, PB2). The blood treatment unit (D) is configured to receive untreated blood and fresh blood treatment fluid, and emit treated blood and used blood treatment fluid. The fluid pumps (PF1, PF2) are configured to pass blood treatment fluid through the blood treatment unit (D). The blood pumps (PB1, PB2) are configured to extract untreated blood from a blood source ( BS), pass extracted blood through the blood treatment unit (D) and deliver treated blood to a target vessel (BT). Flow measurement means (Q1, Q2, P) determines at least one blood f low parameter ( BQFI) reflecting an average flow in relation to the blood treatment unit (D) during a well-defined period of operation (T) of the apparatus, for example while completing one operation cycle.; The at least one blood flow parameter (BQFI) is determined based on a difference between (i) a first amount (DMI) of fresh blood treatment fluid received into the blood treatment unit (D), and (ii) a second amount (DMO) of used blood treatment fluid emitted from the blood treatment unit (D) during another well-defined period (Ta).
StatusPublished - 2013

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Year of approval: 2013

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  • Medicinteknik


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