Build a linear accelerator model

Joanna Lewis, Lukasz Michalak

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Build a linear accelerator to demonstrate spallation – the source of high-energy neutrons used by the new European Spallation Source being built in Sweden.

In this activity, we build a model of a linear accelerator (linac) called a Gauss cannon. It uses magnetic attraction and momentum transfer to accelerate a series of steel balls, representing protons. At the end of the track, one ‘proton’ will collide with a bunch of balls or marbles, which represent the neutron-rich nucleus of a tungsten atom. If the initial ‘protons’ have sufficient energy, they will be able to release the ‘neutrons’, thereby modelling the spallation process.
Antal sidor6
SpecialistpublikationScience in School
StatusPublished - 2024 apr. 4

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  • Didaktik

Fria nyckelord

  • linac
  • linjäraccelerator
  • modell
  • fysikundervisning


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