Building Peace in Divided Cities: A challenge to the Normative Power Europe

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This article explores the EU’s efforts to reunify and reconstruct Mostar through the seminal experiment of EUAM (1994-1996), which combined peacebuilding with urban reconstruction in an innovative way. The aims is to identify lessons to be learned from the experiences of EUAM that can assist the EU to adjust its peacebuilding approach to better address divides in cities such as Nicosia and Belfast where the EU currently is engaged. Cities divided by violent conflict tend to freeze the conflict, as they remained divided regardless of a conflict settlement, and they become serious obstacles to peace and a challenge to peacebuilding. Far too little is known about the role of urban space in building peace in ethno-nationally contested cities. By marrying critical urban studies with critical peacebuilding literature this article brings novelty to EU-studies and advances our understanding of the EU’s role in peacebuilding as well as in the Western Balkans.
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StatusUnpublished - 2011
EvenemangEuropean Union Conference Network - Hamilton, Nya Zeeland
Varaktighet: 2011 dec 72011 dec 8


KonferensEuropean Union Conference Network
Land/TerritoriumNya Zeeland

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