Capacitive Circuit Method for Fast and Efficient Design of Wideband Radar Absorbers

Alireza Kazemzadeh, Anders Karlsson

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A simple, fast and efficient method for designing wideband radar absorbers is proposed. The idea is to modify the circuit analog absorber method without perturbing the bandwidth. This is done by utilizing the asymptotic behavior of such an absorber at low frequency and replacing the band-stop resonating frequency selective surfaces with low-pass capacitive ones, which can be synthesized by square patches. It is shown that higher frequencies are not influenced by these modifications. A thin wideband capacitive circuit absorber (CCA) is presented with 28% reduction of thickness and 57% increase of bandwidth in comparison to the Salisbury screen. It is also explained why some optimized metamaterial designs fail to compete with the CCA method. For high permittivity layers, it is shown that the CCA is a better solution than the Jaumann absorber and improvements both in thickness and bandwidth are possible. A three layered ultra wideband (4-24 GHz) CCA is presented with total thickness of 15.1 mm. Finally, a design capable of handling oblique angles of incidence for both polarizations and fulfilling different mechanical, thermal and fabrication constraints is given. The absorption band covers the entire C, X and Ku radar bands (4-18 GHz), showing significant improvement compared to the published circuit analog absorbers.
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StatusPublished - 2008


NamnTechnical Report LUTEDX/(TEAT-7174)/1-20/(2008)

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  • Elektroteknik och elektronik


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