Characterization of high Arabinoxylan oat lines identified from a mutagenized oat population

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Oat (Avena sativa) is a nutritionally important cereal crop that is rich in health-promoting dietary fibers, favorable proteins and polar lipids. In this work, ca. 500 random lines of a mutagenized oat population of high genetic variation were screened for arabinoxylan (AX) content. This identified lines with up to 60% higher AX levels in flour from whole seed and up to 100% higher in flour from dehulled seeds, as compared to the original Belinda variety. In addition, the cellular localization of AX was determined in cross-sections of dehulled seeds from three high and one low AX line using a xylan-specific antibody. This revealed variations in the amount and localization of AX between high and low AX lines. The high AX lines will now serve as a starting point in the development of oat varieties with superior health-promoting and rheological properties.

TidskriftFood Chemistry
StatusPublished - 2023 mars 15

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