Christiania Poster Collection

Anders Lund Hansen, Louise Fabian, Ole Lykke

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Posters has through the years been a very important medium through which both actions and values has been communicated, mediated, and negotiated in Christiania. Throughout Christiania’s history there are a very rich variety of posters serving both as modes of communication, mediums to express and develop self-identity, and as both weapons and invitations towards the outside world. Founded in 1971 as an alternative freetown squatter community, Christiania has from the very beginning practiced unconventional visions for urban space and common life. Common solutions to social reproduction (housing, maintenance, childcare etc.), new democratic forms of organization, attempts to rethink relations to nature and a lively cultural scene offering alternative representations of and visions for both broader society and local community. Furthermore, Christiania has been dealing with issues related to the use and governing of drug use in public (and private) spaces from the very beginning. Visual material has historically played a fundamental role in many social movements and political protests. Christiania is no different in this case. The posters donated are rich documents witnessing this rich kaleidoscope of meanings.
FörlagGONACI archive
StatusPublished - 2022 sep. 23

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Kulturgeografi
  • Konstvetenskap
  • Kulturstudier


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