Citizen-Consumers and Evolution: Reducing Environmental Harm through Our Social Motivation

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This book reflects upon and critiques the potential of citizen-consumer's to alter their natural consuming habits and to 'shop ethically, 'care for the environment' and 'think glocally' so as to reduce environmental harm. Developing a substantial challenge to the existing accepted theories, this book sets out a groundbreaking approach to understanding citizen-consumer behavior, by forging a productive alliance between environmental sociology and evolutionary theory, arguing that is is social motivation rather than rational choice in a traditional sense that is the driving force behind human agency. Recognizing the importance of social motivation is essential as a basis for the advancement of sustainable development and adaptation of the norms and practices of citizen-consumers, markets, and politics.
FörlagPalgrave Macmillan
Antal sidor160
ISBN (tryckt)9781137276797
StatusPublished - 2012


NamnPalgrave Pivot Series

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  • Sociologi (exklusive socialt arbete, socialpsykologi och socialantropologi)


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