Collective and noncollective states in (120)Te

Somnath Nag, A. K. Singh, A. N. Wilson, J. Rogers, H. Huebel, A. Buerger, S. Chmel, Ingemar Ragnarsson, G. Sletten, B. Herskind, M. P. Carpenter, R. V. F. Janssens, T. L. Khoo, F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, S. Zhu, A. Korichi, Hoa Ha, P. Fallon, A. O. MacchiavelliB. M. Nyako, J. Timar, K. Juhasz

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High-spin states in (120)Te were populated in the reaction (80)Se((48)Ca, alpha 4n)(120)Te at a beam energy of 207 MeV and gamma-ray coincidences were measured using the Gammasphere spectrometer. The previously known level scheme is extended to higher spin and new interband transitions and side-feeding branches are established. Five highly deformed rotational bands, extending up to almost I = 50, are observed for the first time. The bands are compared with similar structures found recently in neighboring nuclei. The experimental results are interpreted within the framework of the cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky model. Configuration assignments to several terminating states and to the high-spin bands are discussed.
TidskriftPhysical Review C (Nuclear Physics)
StatusPublished - 2012

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