Communicative coworkership

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Communicative coworkership is an area with great potential for both organizations and communicators. Communicative coworkership is also an area where there is a clear link between the core operation and the communication of the organization. It is fairly easy to demonstrate the value of communicative coworkership for an organisation, for example in terms of crisis aversion, innovation, listening, learning, branding, trust and other aspects that have an important strategic value for organisations in general.

In this report, we present previous research on communicative coworkership and propose a definition of the concept. We provide a model that shows three areas of responsibility for communicative coworkership. In addition, we discuss obstacles to communicative coworkership and the support that the organization can provide to employees.

In the final discussion, we present the wheel of communicative coworkership with six factors that must exist in order to realise the idea of communicative coworkership: (1) sensemaking approach to communication, (2) communicative leadership, (3) decentralised organizational philosophy, (4) open communication climate, (5) internal trust and (6) identification with the organization.
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StatusPublished - 2021

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