Competition and barriers to entry the construction sector

Niclas Andersson, Fredrik Malmberg

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    In 1999 Sweden and Denmark were physically, linked for the first time by, a bridge bringing the countries even closer. The bridge connects the capital area of Denmark and the south part of Sweden in an area called the Oresund region. At a national level there is a mutual political interest to create an integrated market in the Oresund region and in a wider perspective the bridge is a physical contribution to the common market within the European Union. The objectives of this study, are to describe the characteristics of competition in Sweden and Denmark as a means to identify, barriers for companies in one country to entry, the construction market In the other country. The paper is principally based on two separate meso-economic analyses of the Swedish and Danish construction sectors presenting some basic characteristics in figures and facts.
    Titel på värdpublikationConstruction Innovation and Global Competitiveness
    FörlagCRC Press
    ISBN (tryckt)0-8493-1449-6
    StatusPublished - 2003
    Evenemang10th International Symposium on Construction Innovation and Global Competitiveness - Cincinnati, USA
    Varaktighet: 2002 sep. 92002 sep. 13


    Konferens10th International Symposium on Construction Innovation and Global Competitiveness

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