The present disclosure relates to compositions for reprogramming cells into conventional dendritic cells (cDC), particularly into cDC type 2 (hereinafter referred to as “cDC2” or “CD11b-positive dendritic cells”), methods and uses thereof. The present disclosure relates to the development of methods for making conventional dendritic cells with antigen presenting capacity from differentiated, multipotent or pluripotent stem cells by introducing and expressing isolated/synthetic transcription factors. More particularly, the disclosure provides methods for obtaining conventional dendritic cells (cDC), particularly cDC type 2 or CD11b-positive dendritic cells, by direct cell reprogramming with the surprisingly use of combinations of specific transcription factors.
StatusPublished - 2021

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Cell- och molekylärbiologi


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