Confluence: Perspectives from an intercultural music exchange in Nepal

David Johnson (redaktör)

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There exists a tremendous potential for learning and creativity in the moment of confluence, when musicians from distant musical cultures meet. Intercultural exchanges in music can offer indelible lessons in musical practice and intercultural understanding, foster cultural renewal and development, establish creative partnerships, and open up exciting new paths in creative music-making.

This book chronicles such a musical meeting between Scandinavian and Nepali musicians, educators, young children, and music education researchers in Manamaiju – the ”Village of Musicians” – situated a short journey north from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. Consisting of written reflections, photographs, music, artwork, and academic essays from over a dozen workshop participants and observers from both Nepal and Scandinavia, this multi-faceted account takes readers inside the powerful and transformative experiences of musicians engaged in the unique challenges of intercultural learning. It is hoped that these compelling first hand accounts of people learning and playing together in an intense and inspiring setting will contribute to a growing body of knowledge in intercultural studies, and should be of interest to all readers of World Music and Music Education research, especially those with a particular interest in intercultural pedagogical practices and methodology.
FörlagMusikhögskolan i Malmö, Lunds universitet
Antal sidor111
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-88409-14-0
StatusPublished - 2018 juni 27


NamnPerspectives in Music and Music Education
FörlagMusikhögskolan i Malmö, Lunds universitet
ISSN (tryckt)1404-6032

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