Corruption and anti-corruption in Southeast Europe: Landscapes and sites

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This article discusses the rise of the global anti-corruption "industry" with its elements of international campaigns and conventions, the traffic in project funds, people, knowledge and ideas, and how global structures interact with the local politics of anticorruption. The metaphor of landscape is utitilized to show the different perspectives -- global summits and local sites -- how anticorruptionism operates. In the local site, actors include the government, the opposition, the anticorruption agency, the media, the civil society organizations, and the foreign donors. Understanding the anti-corruption industry requires an understanding how the flows in the global landscape affect the actors in the local sites. Examples are provided from the anticorruption events and scandals in Romania.
Titel på värdpublikationGovernments, NGOs and Anti-Corruption: The New Integrity Warriors
RedaktörerLuis de Sousa, Peter Larmour, Barry Hindness
ISBN (tryckt)9780415466950
StatusAccepted/In press - 2008

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Book will appear in August 2008
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