Creative meetings

Jan Rollof

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    This article presents results from 23 structured interviews focused on creative meetings (a crucial part of the definition being that something new is created in the meeting, through interaction between people). The interviewees represented many different fields of industry and academia, and together many hundred years of experience of meetings. Six main perspectives pertaining to creative processes were discussed: dynamics and social interaction, leadership, actions and results, technical equipment, diversity and language, and size of meetings. The interviewees were asked to relate their personal experiences, and the study is therefore qualitative and retrospective. Opinions were similar for some factors, including the central role of trust and optimal size of creative meetings (6-10 people). Views differed considerably for other factors; for example on the impact of diversity on the creative process, and whether creative meetings happen by chance or by planning and deliberation. For many topics, both positive and negative aspects were mentioned; for example, the influence of diversity and language on creative processes.
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    TidskriftInnovation: Management, Policy & Practice
    StatusPublished - 2009

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