Critical infrastructure, geographical information science and risk governance: A systematic cross-field review

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Two key challenges for governing and managing critical infrastructure risk and resilience are interdependencies between infrastructures and the multi-actor setting in which they operate. This paper looks beyond the Critical Infrastructure (CI) field of research to identify and discuss cross-disciplinary approaches to address these challenges. It explores two related and slightly overlapping research fields: Geographical Information Science (GIScience) and Risk Governance (RG). The purpose is to systematically explore how concepts and approaches from these two fields can help develop the CI field further. The overall methodology follows the scoping study framework, which is strengthened by presenting a novel method for article keyword analysis of 14 170 articles guiding a content analysis of 51 articles. The results reveal that research areas intersecting CI and GIScience are natural hazard modelling, network analysis, data management, and geovisualisation and for CI and RG the inclusion of socio-cultural dimensions. These areas constitute good opportunities for further research. Challenges for cross-disciplinary research and practical applications include harmonisation of concepts, management of confidential data, and addressing less-technical CI sectors. In conclusion, the CI field is young and growing, and in need of further cross- and interdisciplinary research endeavours to tackle the complex issues at hand.
Sidor (från-till)1-18
Antal sidor18
TidskriftReliability Engineering & System Safety
StatusPublished - 2021 sep.

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  • Infrastrukturteknik


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