Customization and problem solving - strategic consequences from a competence perspective

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The paper deals with the changes to the competence set of manufacturing organizations moving towards offerings with a high degree of customization and problem solving efforts. Preliminary findings are presented that imply that firms with the above strategic focus integrate in-depth technical competences and sales related competences in their customer interaction interfaces. Furthermore, customer projects in these organizations draw from a wide array of internal competence sets and also utilize craftsmanship in manufacturing in order to enable customization. These organizational characteristics make it possible to create new valuable delivery concepts through the technical competence and problem solving ability within the available flexibility of the organization.
StatusPublished - 2006
EvenemangStrategic Management Society International Conference, 2006 - Vienna, Österrike
Varaktighet: 2006 okt. 292006 nov. 1
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KonferensStrategic Management Society International Conference, 2006

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