Data for assessment of soil water extractable and percolation water dissolved organic carbon in watersheds

Fabien Rizinjirabake, David E. Tenenbaum, Petter Pilesjö

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikel i vetenskaplig tidskriftPeer review


(“Sources of soil dissolved organic carbon in a mixed agricultural and forested watershed in Rwanda”, [6]) This data article presents water extractable organic carbon (WEOC), percolation water dissolved organic carbon (pDOC), and mean antecedent precipitation indices (API) and mean antecedent temperature (MAT) data. The article also presents edaphic properties such soil texture elements, total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TN), cation exchange capacity (CEC), iron (Fe), and aluminum (Al). Additionally, the article presents topography attributes such including topographic position index (TPI) and curvature. All these data were used to analyze both WEOC and pDOC dynamics in the Rukarara River Watershed (RRW), Rwanda. WEOC and soil properties data were analyzed from sampled 52 soil composites samples collected during from October to December 2016 using 53 × 50 mm rings. Data of pDOC were analyzed from percolation water samples collected using a zero tension lysimeters on various dates during the period from Jun 2015 to Jun 2017. API and MAT data for various antecedent days were calculated on basis of rainfall and air temperature data recorded at three stations within the RRW using respectively tipping bucket rain gauges and sensors installed at three sites located representing the main land use land cover classes within the RRW.

TidskriftData in Brief
StatusPublished - 2019

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