Delayed Time-Varying $H^infty$ Control Design

Andrey Barabanov, Andrey Ghulchak

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/Conference proceedingKonferenspaper i proceedingPeer review


The linear $H^infty$ control problem is stated for time-varying plant with arbitrary delays and discontinuous coefficients. The image representation of the plant is explicitly written and full solution to the suboptimal control problem is presented. Necessary and sufficient conditions for existence of a solution are derived from the abstract principle of maximum. No Riccati equations are used. The existence of smooth kernels of optimal integral operators is proved and their properties are studied. A numerical method is presented for computation of the optimal kernels for the special case. The case is a model of a car autopilot on a concave road.
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Antal sidor6
StatusPublished - 2005
EvenemangIFAC World Congress - Prague, Tjeckien
Varaktighet: 2005 jul 4 → …


KonferensIFAC World Congress
Period2005/07/04 → …

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  • Matematik


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