Design of a Pediatric Rectal Ultrasound Probe Intended for Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound Diagnostics

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It has been shown that ultra-high frequency (UHF) ultrasound applied to the external bowel wall can delineate the histo-anatomic layers in detail and distinguish normal bowel from aganglionosis. This would potentially reduce or lessen the need for biopsies that are currently mandatory for the diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease. However, to our knowledge, no suitable rectal probes for such a use are on the market. The aim was to define the specifications of an UHF transrectal ultrasound probe (50 MHz center frequency) suitable for use in infants. Probe requirements according to patient anatomy, clinicians’ requests, and biomedical engineering UHF prerequisites were collected within an expert group. Suitable probes on the market and in clinical use were reviewed. The requirements were transferred into the sketching of potential UHF ultrasound transrectal probes followed by their 3D prototype printing. Two prototypes were created and tested by five pediatric surgeons. The larger and straight 8 mm head and shaft probe was preferred as it facilitated stability, ease of anal insertion, and possible UHF technique including 128 piezoelectric elements in a linear array. We hereby present the procedure and considerations behind the development of a proposed new UHF transrectal pediatric probe. Such a device can open new possibilities for the diagnostics of pediatric anorectal conditions.

StatusPublished - 2023 maj

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Open access funding was provided by Lund University, Sweden. The study was funded by The Swedish Research Council’s Starting Grant 2021–01569, The Swedish Regional Research funding (ALF) Region Skåne 43902, Skåne University Hospital’s Funding 95911 (SUS Fonder och Stiftelser).

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