Design of the GDSI Open-Platform and GDSI

Simona Miraglia, Carlos Manuel Moraleda Melero, Sebastian Thöns

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Aim of this deliverable is to describe the work being carried out for the conceptual design of the Open-Platform and Factsheets for GDSI, in accordance with the project plan of Simona Miraglia (Postdoc2-DTU-BYG) in collaboration with Carlos Moraleda Melero (Research assistant), Sebastian Thöns (DTU-BYG) and Peter Fantke (DTU-MAN). A brief literature review regarding basic terminology, key concepts about the difference between ‘free’ and ‘open’ sources of software and information are summarized asbackground motivation for the choice of specific functionalities for the *GDSI Open Platform’. A mock-up has been developed to provide a preliminary overview of the architecture of the Platform and how the Platform will work. The document contains also the design of the factsheets, intended as dissemination materal over engineering decision problems of GDSI interest. A summary table listing free tools and free data sources is included in this report as starting point for the identification of useful tools to use as example for the development of the toolbox. The authors are aware that the list of tools and data sources may be not complete. The toolbox associated with the Platform will be developed and integrated in the GDSI Open Platform by Postdoc3-DTU-Compute.
FörlagTechnical University of Denmark, DTU
ISBN (tryckt)9788778774774
StatusPublished - 2017
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Report no. R382

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