Designing learning environments for heterogeneous groups in Second Life

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The project that we will discuss in this paper aims to support the areas of teaching and learning in a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL), Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and Centre for Educational Development (CED), all Lund University, Sweden, by using the virtual world Second Life (SL) as a platform for collaborative learning activities. Students from China (Fudan University, Shanghai) and LTH students will meet, interact and collaborate in various activities and assignments. In this paper, we will primarily address the following question:
In what way do we develop a learning environment and design the introductory part of a course in order to ensure that the students are well equipped for learning in Second Life - with particular consideration to dealing with a bi-cultural student group?
StatusAccepted/In press - 2010
EvenemangSecond Life Educators Community Conference (SLEDcc) - Tampa, Florida
Varaktighet: 2008 sep. 5 → …


KonferensSecond Life Educators Community Conference (SLEDcc)
Period2008/09/05 → …

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