Det ideologiska landskapet

Raimond Thörn

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The present work is one of nine parts making up the archaeological project The Öresund Fixed Link. The book begins with an account of all the features and artefacts that are considered to have belonged to the ideological sphere within the project. The focus is on two sites, one located on the coast, the other in the outer hummocky landscape. As regards remains on the coast, this work concentrates on the Neolithic palisade, and the features in the outer hummocky landscape which are studied include the traces of a row of posts oriented to, or from, a burial mound from the Bronze Age. The palisade and the row of posts are presented and then compared with similar structures from Europe.
Bidragets översatta titel The Ideological Landscape
Tilldelande institution
  • Arkeologi
  • Larsson, Lars, handledare
  • Olausson, Deborah, handledare
ISBN (tryckt)91-85341-10-X
StatusPublished - 2007

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  • Arkeologi


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