Developing a Communicative Logic –The Key to Communication Professionalism

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Communication practitioners still struggle to increase their status and legitimacy, and the value of their work is often questioned. The general perception of the occupation is often related to the idea that communication practitioners manipulate with misleading information and primarily are involved in superficial activities such as image and reputation building. In attempting to defend themselves from criticism and enhance their status, communication practitioners have strived to be regarded as a management function, which comes with pressure to follow a managerial logic. However, the managerial logic works as a double-edged sword–it brings some status in the short run but takes communication practitioners further away from their core competence in communication. In this article, we challenge the one-sided belief in the managerial logic–managerialism–and explore its hidden, negative implications for the practice and professionalization of communications practitioners. The implications are illustrated with interviews with communication practitioners and survey data on communication practitioners’ views and communication processes. Further, we propose that an alternative logic–a professional communicative logic–needs to be further developed and embraced to additionally advance the professional project.

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TidskriftInternational Journal of Strategic Communication
StatusPublished - 2021

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