Developing Platform Economies: A European Policy Landscape

Stefan Larsson (redaktör), Jonas Andersson Schwarz (redaktör)

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What is a digital platform economy and what are its key policy implications? This report on Developing Platform Economies collects four chapters from researchers in the fields of economy, media and law to define, scrutinize and draw empirically based policy-recommendations for a European context, particularly in comparison to the US.
UtgivningsortBrussels and Stockholm
FörlagEuropean Liberal Forum asbl.
Antal sidor141
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-87379-51-2
StatusPublished - 2018 nov. 29

Bibliografisk information

Stefan Larsson is a lawyer, Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor in tech- nology and social change at LTH, Lund University, and head of the Digital Society Program at Swedish think tank Fores. He has a PhD in Sociology of Law and a PhD in Spatial Planning. His research focuses on issues of trust and transparency on digital, data-driven markets, and the socio-legal impact of autonomous and AI-driven technologies.

Jonas Andersson Schwarz is Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in Media & Communications Studies, Södertörn University, with a rese- arch interest in how everyday life and social structures are affected by increasing digitalization. He studies digital platforms and their role as structural phenomena, particularly in terms of their role for civil society, epistemology, and the data-driven media economy.

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  • platforms
  • digital platforms
  • platform economies
  • platform society
  • multisided platforms


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