Digitalisation, productivity and jobs: A European perspective

Fredrik Heyman, Pehr Johan Norbäck, Lars Persson

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This chapter describes economic insights from research having studied the ongoing information and communications technology (ICT)-based structural transformation of the business sector. It also describes initiatives by the EU in the field of digitalisation and their likely economic impact. The chapter concludes by arguing that the key for the EU to ensure that the ongoing ICT-based structural transformation creates overall prosperity is an improved entrepreneurial ecosystem, stimulating growth from new and successful firms. Institutions must be able to channel savings to start-ups and business development where well-functioning stock exchanges and venture capital markets are crucial. The educational system also needs to become more effective and flexible in order to offer future employees the skills demanded in the labour market. Finally, insurance systems should be more customised and flexible in order to make it easier for EU citizens to benefit from advancements in new technologies.

Titel på värdpublikationThe European Union and the Technology Shift
FörlagSpringer International Publishing
Antal sidor25
ISBN (elektroniskt)9783030636722
ISBN (tryckt)9783030636715
StatusPublished - 2021
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