Ditt Medarbetarskap: Ett analysinstrument om relationerna på din arbetsplats (version 1.2)

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Bidragets översatta titel Your Employeeship: A survey of the relationships at your workplace (version 1.2)
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StatusUnpublished - 2011

Bibliografisk information

This Swedish version of the questionnaire is a translation of the English version "Your employeeship questionnaire: A survey of the relationships at your workplace".

The English version is placed as Appendix B in the author's dissertation "An employeeship model and its relation to psychological climate: A study of congruence in the behavior of leaders and followers".

Additional information about the questionnaire can be retrieved from the questionnaire manual "Your employeeship questionnaire manual: A survey of the relationships at your workplace". Also the manual is part of the author's dissertation (Appendix A).

Based on the questionnaire the author has developed a short version (both in English and Swedish). The short version has not been tested, it is not described in the manual, and it is not published in the dissertation.

The questionnaire is free of charge when used for a research purpose, but placed with a fee when used for a commercial purpose.

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