Doctoral supervision in theory and practice

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This is a long-awaited book that contributes to the professional development of doctoral supervisors and provides an indepth perspective on doctoral students’ learning. Well anchored in current research, the authors discuss the organisation of Swedish doctoral education, the supervisor’s professional practice, doctoral students’ learning, and the quality system of this education in Sweden.

The connection between theory and practice runs throughout the entire book. Using authentic cases and examples from different educational environments, it is demonstrated how supervision is dependent on both individual and cultural factors. In addition, the book offers its readers numerous reflection exercises that can help move thinking forward, both individually and collegially.

The book is aimed primarily at supervisors in doctoral education, regardless of the discipline within which they are active or their previous experience. It can also be useful for doctoral students who are interested in understanding their own learning process and who would like to know what can be expected of them in their education, as well as by educational leaders who wish to improve the quality of doctoral education.
FörlagStudentlitteratur AB
Antal sidor300
ISBN (tryckt)9789144137865
StatusPublished - 2020

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