Effects of an intervention (SäkläK) on prescription of potentially inappropriate medication in elderly patients

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Background. Polypharmacy is known to increase the risk for drug-related problems, and some drugs, potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs), are especially troublesome. Objective. To analyse the effects on prescription of PIMs of the SäKLäK project, an intervention model created to improve medication safety for elderly patients in primary care. Method. The SäkläK project was a multiprofessional intervention in primary care consisting of self-assessment, peer review, feedback and written agreements for change. Five Swedish primary care centres participated in the intervention and five served as comparison group. Data were collected from the Swedish Prescribed Drug Register on PIMs (long-acting benzodiazepines, anticholinergics, tramadol, propiomazine, antipsychotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) prescribed to patients aged 65 years and older. Total number of patients and change in patients using PIMs before and after intervention with-in groups was analysed as well as differences between intervention and comparison group. Results. A total of 32 566 prescriptions of PIMs were dispensed before the intervention, 19 796 in the intervention group and 12 770 in the comparison group. After intervention a decrease was seen in both groups, intervention-22.2% and comparison-8.8%. All groups of PIMs decreased, except for antipsychotics in the comparison group. For the intervention group, a significant decrease in mean dose/patient was seen after the intervention but not in the comparison group. Conclusion. Our study shows this method has some effects on prescription of PIMs. The evaluation indicates this is a feasible method for improvement of medication use in primary care and the method should be tested on a larger scale.

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StatusPublished - 2017 apr. 1

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