Electromagnetic scattering by layered cylinders --- low frequency reduction of RCS

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In this paper we present two different ways of reducing the radar cross section (RCS) of thin metallic wires at low frequencies. This reduction is achieved by adding a dielectric coating on the wire. The entire cylindrical structure is finally protected by a thin exterior non-magnetic dielectric layer (eagle skin).
The contribution to the RCS has either an electric or an magnetic origin. To reduce the RCS it is possible to chose material parameters so that both the electric and the magnetic contributions vanish. This leads, however, to non-physical material parameter values. The underlying principle in the second method is to chose material parameters in the dielectric coating such that the electric and magnetic contributions annihilate each other. Fortunately, this annihilation can be obtained with physically realistic material parameters.
Explicit numerical examples illustrate both ideas.
FörlagThe Department of Electrical and Information Technology
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StatusPublished - 2015


NamnTechnical Report LUTEDX/(TEAT-7237)/1-11/(2015)

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