Embedded sacrificial AlAs segments in GaAs nanowires for substrate reuse

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We report on the use of a sacrificial AlAs segment to enable substrate reuse for nanowire synthesis. A silicon nitride template was deposited on a p-type GaAs substrate. Then a pattern was transferred to the substrate by nanoimprint lithography and reactive ion etching. Thermal evaporation was used to define Au seed particles. Metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy was used to grow AlAs-GaAs NWs in the vapour-liquid-solid growth mode. The yield of synthesised nanowires, compared to the number expected from the patterned template, was more than 80%. After growth, the nanowires were embedded in a polymer and mechanically removed from the parent substrate. The parent substrate was then immersed in an HCl:H2O (1:1) mixture to dissolve the remaining stub of the sacrificial AlAs segment. The pattern fidelity was preserved after peeling off the nanowires and cleaning, and the semiconductor surface was flat and ready for reuse. Au seed particles were then deposited on the substrate by use of pulse electrodeposition, which was selective to the openings in the growth template, and then nanowires were regrown. The yield of regrowth was less optimal compared to the first growth but the pattern was preserved. Our results show a promising approach to reduce the final cost of III-V nanowire based solar cells.

StatusPublished - 2020

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