Energy Efficient and Study Promoting Lighting at High School: Preliminary Results

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A correct lighting solution guarantees appropriate working conditions, while saving energy. Today it is well-known that the light influences our visual perception, our emotions and our biological system, thus our health and productivity. Four identical classrooms of a high school in Helsingborg, Sweden, were equipped with two different lighting concepts: classic pendants with T5 fluorescent tubes and a new diffuse light LED system. A grand total of 72 students aged between 17 and 18 years, were occupying the rooms over the academic year. The light environment, the electricity consumption, the students’ feelings and their circadian rhythm were monitored. Compared with the fluorescent installation, the LED system appears to do not have negative effects on the students, all the while saving energy.
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FörlagCIE, Vienna
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StatusPublished - 2014
EvenemangCIE 2014 Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency - Kuala Lumpur
Varaktighet: 2014 apr. 24 → …


KonferensCIE 2014 Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency
Period2014/04/24 → …

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