ENVRI-FAIR D5.2: Implementation plan for common development goals

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During the firstyear of the project the cluster worked on the data service requirement tracking and a technology landscape and gap analysis on the RI FAIR data/services level, to provide an up-to-date investigation of the most common gaps the ENVRIs need to bridge with respect to the FAIR principles and the EOSC requirements. The FAIRness analysis (D5.1) established that the participating RIs display a wide range of states of readiness. The present document uses this analysis to explain the actions that have been taken bythe ENVRI-FAIR partners during the second year of the project, and to define the common development goals and prepare an implementation plan at cluster level. During the WP5 Review Workshop in M10 of the project, a decision was made to form (six) cross-cutting Task Forces, which involve representatives from all subdomains, bringing together technical, scientific and managerial staff in order to coordinate the work on a common platform. The development of the ENVRI catalogue of services and other relevant technical issues, e.g. the authentication and authorisation of the cluster end-users, the role of persistent identifiers, triple stores and the best practices, the benefits of certifying data repositories and the available options, the technical approach of machine-readable licenses and their use for citation and usage tracking, and the design of interoperable demonstrators and cross-domain service prototypes, are introduced and discussed in the text.
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StatusPublished - 2020 sep. 1

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