This is the final deliverable of WP6, the training and capacity building work package of ENVRI-FAIR. The objectives of WP6 were to provide training to ENVRIs and key ENVRI stakeholder groups about the FAIR principles, how to implement these in practice in RI services and data management activities at data centre level, how to evaluate the degree of implementation using FAIR metrics, as well as relevant legal and policy requirements. This deliverable report summarises the activities we have undertaken, with special focus on the preparation and running of training events aimed at the ENVRIs’ data centre staff. We also describe the infrastructure that was developed to provide a comprehensive Learning Environment for the ENVRI Community, including a catalogue, learning platform and repository and the Training Gateway component of the ENVRI-Hub. Finally, the report also contains an extensive discussion of “lessons learned” that we hope will be of use for future ENVRI Community training activities.
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StatusPublished - 2023 juni

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