Evidence for a rapid sea-level rise at 7600 years ago

Shiyong Yu, Björn Berglund, Per Sandgren, Kurt Lambaek

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikel i vetenskaplig tidskriftPeer review


Dating the transgression and subsequent regression in marginal basins of the southeastern
Swedish Baltic Sea provides a new perspective of global ice-volume changes and the isostatic
adjustment of the mantle after the retreat of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet from this area. Superimposed
upon a smooth pattern of local sea-level rise, acceleration occurred ca. 7600 calibrated
(cal) yr B.P., evidenced as a nearly synchronous fl ooding in six elevated basins ranging
from 3.0 to 7.2 m above present sea level. We ascribe this rapid local sea-level rise of ~4.5 m to
a sudden increase in ocean mass, most likely caused by the fi nal decay of the Labrador sector
of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. The subsequent monotonic fall of local sea level from ca. 6500 cal
yr B.P. to the present is mainly an expression of the slow isostatic adjustment of the mantle.
Sidor (från-till)891-894
StatusPublished - 2007

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Geologi


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