Explaining value: on Orsi and Garcia’s explanatory objection to the fitting-attitude analysis

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Orsi and Garcia (Philos Stud, 2020, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11098-020-
01471-6) argue that fitting-attitude analysis of value (FA-analysis, for short) is
vulnerable to an explanatory objection. On FA-analysis, for an object to be valuable is for it to be a fitting target of an attitude—a pro-attitude if its value is positive and a con-attitude if it is negative. For different kinds of value different kinds of attitudes are fitting: desire for desirability, admiration for admirability, etc. To explain the fittingness relation we therefor need to appeal to the features of the relevant attitude, but these seldom, if ever, are needed for explaining the object’s value. This explanatory disparity between the analysans and the analysandum implies that FA analysis must be incorrect. In our reply to Orsi and Garcia, we provide a refutation of their objection. We argue that the features of a fitting attitude do have a right place in the explanation of an object’s value, even though they are not among the properties that make the object valuable. They help to explain this value-making relation itself.
Sidor (från-till)2473–2482
Antal sidor10
TidskriftPhilosophical Studies
Tidigt onlinedatum2020 okt 7
StatusPublished - 2021 aug 1

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  • Value Fitting-attitude analysis FA-analysis Enablers Dancy Explanation


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