Fathers and their children's health: a telephone interview study

Ann-Christine Hallberg, R. Kristiansson, Anders Beckman, Kerstin Petersson, Lennart Råstam, Anders Håkansson

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objective: To study fathers' perception of, and involvement in, their children's health. Design: Telephone interviews according to a structured guide. Setting: County of Skane, Sweden. Main outcome measures: Answers regarding care and upbringing of child, child's health and ill health, and role of father. Subjects: 237 fathers of small children. Results: Fathers seem to be involved in their children to a large extent, both in caring and playing activities with their children. Most of them (82%) think that the child's health is good, and half of them (55%) have, at some time, contacted a doctor. The fathers mention security, love and commitment as important factors for being a good father, and almost all (97%) think that they are good fathers. Yet, only slightly more than half of them (54%) state that they have sufficient time for Conclusions: Today, fathers are subject to quite different expectations to participate actively in their children's everyday life than was the case for previous generations. Therefore, more studies of fathers' involvement in their children are needed, as well as a new approach within the health care system to fathers' participation.
Sidor (från-till)1083-1087
TidskriftActa Pædiatrica
StatusPublished - 2007

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