Fiber-based stray light suppression in spectroscopy using periodic shadowing

Miaoxin Gong, Haisol Kim, Jim Larsson, Torsten Methling, Marcus Aldén, Elias Kristensson, Christian Brackmann, Tina Eschrich, Matthias Jäger, Wolfgang Kiefer, Andreas Ehn

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Stray light is a known strong interference in spectroscopic measurements. Photons from high-intensity signals that are scattered inside the spectrometer, or photons that enter the detector through unintended ways, will be added to the spectrum as an interference signal. A general experimental solution to this problem is presented here by introducing a customized fiber for signal collection. The fiber-mount to the spectrometer consists of a periodically arranged fiber array that, combined with lock-in analysis of the data, is capable of suppressing stray light for improved spectroscopy. The method, which is referred to as fiber-based periodic shadowing, was applied to Raman spectroscopy in combustion. The fiber-based stray-light suppression method is implemented in an experimental setup with a high-power high-repetition-rate laser system used for Raman measurements in different room-temperature gas mixtures and a premixed flame. It is shown that the stray-light level is reduced by up to a factor of 80. Weak spectral lines can be distinguished, and therefore better molecular species identification, as well as concentration and temperature evaluation, were performed. The results show that the method is feasible and efficient in practical use and that it can be employed as a general tool for improving spectroscopic accuracy.

Sidor (från-till)7232-7246
Antal sidor15
TidskriftOptics Express
StatusPublished - 2021 mars 1

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  • Atom- och molekylfysik och optik


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