Fire testing of aerosols and propane bottles

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Aerosol-And propane bottles for consumers, including hairspray, lubricants, etc. were tested for exposure from fire. The tested bottles had a volume between 15- 400 ml of product mixed with propane and bottles with propane only containing 0.35, 0.45, 5 and 6 kg of propane. The aerosol-And propane bottles were exposed to a heptane pool fire, corresponding to properties of common available flammable liquids for sale in stores. The experiments showed that the aerosol bottles exposed to fire exploded within a few minutes only and that this resulted in clouds of burning vapor as well as shrapnel affecting the vicinity. An experiment with several such aerosol bottles exposed to fire on a shelf in an enclosure, showed that unexploded aerosol bottles acted as projectiles when adjacent bottles exploded. Also, the explosion resulted in a high pressure, affecting building components. Experiments with propane bottles exposed to fire showed that such bottles release pressure in different ways, depending on their type and construction. During the experiments, the bottles released their pressure through a pressure valve or melting fuse within a few minutes only. During comparative experiments with propane bottles without safety devices, the bottles exploded within a few minutes only, resulting in large burning vapor clouds and shrapnel being thrown as far as approximately 80 m. Recommendations based on the experiments included suggestions on the maximum amount of combustible liquids which should be stored together with aerosol bottles. Recommendations were also given regarding the relevance of safety devices and securing propane bottles so that they can't move if safety devices activates when bottles are exposed to fire.

Titel på värdpublikation15th International Conference and Exhibition on Fire and Materials 2017
FörlagInterscience Communications Ltd
Antal sidor13
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781510846746
StatusPublished - 2017
Evenemang15th International Conference and Exhibition on Fire and Materials 2017 - San Francisco, USA
Varaktighet: 2017 feb. 62017 feb. 8


Konferens15th International Conference and Exhibition on Fire and Materials 2017
OrtSan Francisco

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