Flame Sizes in a Small Scale Stack: Pilot Experiments

Björn Karlsson, Philip H Thomas, Göran Holmstedt

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For the last many decades industry and insurance companies have been interested in protecting high racked goods from rapid fire growth. This has mainly been done by installing sprinklers of various types and designs in order to either extinguish the fire or control it. The efficiency of such protection measures is, however, very much dependant on the geometry of the stacks, their height, floor area, the flue spacing, etc. and the flammable characteristics of the stored goods. A research project was initiated by the Swedish Fire Research Board (BRANDFORSK) to throw some light on the aforementioned geometric aspects of the problem. The main part of the project is to be carried out at the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (SP) but a pilot study was initiated at Lund University, with some participation from scientists at SP. The work carried out at Lund University consisted of two parts. Firstly, Thomas [l] carried out a litterature survey of earlier experiments and summarized the main findings. Secondly, some experiments were made on reduced scale to examine the effect of the geometry of a pile of inert goods on the flames from a burner. This report describes the work carried out in this second part of the pilot study.
FörlagDepartment of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety, Lund University
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StatusPublished - 1995


ISSN (tryckt)1102-8246

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