Flicker: a technological overview

Johannes Lindén, Carsten Dam-Hansen

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Flicker can be annoying, but above all it can have a negative effect on human health; causing irritation, headaches, eye strain and migraines. With the introduction of LED lamps, flicker has once again become a problem. In addition to the unnecessary suffering caused to individuals, the negative consequences create an obstacle to the wide and rapid adoption of new LED technology and thus also an obstacle to potential energy savings.
The EU’s new eco-design regulations entered into force in September 2021. These include, for the first time (in Europe) regulatory limits for flicker, creating an urgent need to disseminate knowledge about flicker and how to measure it.
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ISBN (elektroniskt)978-91-8039-529-8
StatusPublished - 2022 dec. 22

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This work has been supported by the Swedish Energy Agency and conducted in collaboration between Lund University and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

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  • Övrig annan teknik


  • Flicker
  • Temporal light modulation
  • TLM
  • LED-technology


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