Framtagning av märkning för brandvarnare – Med EURO-NCAP som förebild

Marcus Runefors, Thomas Gell, Dan Madsen, Dag Glebe

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The number of traffic-related fatalities has dropped significantly in the last few decades, but the trend in fire safety, albeit positive, show a less rapid improvement. One reason could be the introduction of the Euro-NCAP-system in traffic safety which has been instrumental in promoting innovation in the field. In this report, a first version of a similar system for smoke alarms, arguably a most central aspect of fire safety, has been developed. The rating system is based on three areas; detection, warning and usability. A series of tests provide the basis for both a star rating and the selection of best-in-class.
FörlagDivision of Fire Safety Engineering
Antal sidor49
StatusPublished - 2022 feb. 2



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